VFACTS: January 2022

Port top view, COG Aggregation

New vehicle sales have continued downhill for the fourth month consecutively, as the industry continues to face semiconductor shortages, reduced production levels and shipping misadventures.

A total of 75,863 new vehicles were sold in January 2022, a 4.8 per cent reduction on January 2021 figures.


Federal Chamber of Automotive industries Chief Executive Tony Weber said, 

“The microprocessor shortage and the pandemic’s impact on supply chains continues into 2022. This is an issue impacting markets all over the globe. Despite this, consumer interest, inquiry, and the fundamental demand for new cars in Australia remains strong,” 

“We are also experiencing bottlenecks in having vehicles processed from some Australian ports” 

There has been a spike in ute and van sales (light commercial segment making up 24.1 per cent of total vehicle sales last month) driven by the construction boom, an increase in buyers looking for more suitable holidaying vehicles and van sales boosted by the increase of parcel deliveries.  

When reviewing by state, sales in New South Wales plummeted by 9.8 per cent with 23,035 vehicles sold. Victoria fell 1.6 per cent with 20,397. Queensland dropped 1.3 per cent with 16,423. Western Australia diminished by 7.8 per cent with 7,578. South Australia declined 2.2 per cent with 5,170. The Australian Capital Territory was down 9.7 per cent with 1,175, Northern Territory was greatly down 13 per cent with 617.  

Compared, Tasmania was the only state to improve its figures with 15.4 per cent, 1,468 vehicles sold. Automotive analysts say the Tasmanian sales figures are likely to be sustained by growth in rental car deliveries as the tourism industry prepares for the return of frequent travel to the state. 

Sales of EVs have more than doubled (up 109.8 per cent from 296 in January 2021 to 620 in January 2022) excluding Tesla.  

No surprise Toyota was the market leader in January 2022 with 15,333 vehicles sold. Mazda trailed with 9,805. Mitsubishi took third place with 6,533. Fourth was taken by Kia with 5,520 and Hyundai came in fifth with 5,128. 

Top 10 CARS in January 2022 

Rank Model Volume January 2022 Change year-on-year 
Toyota HiLux 3591 down 8.2 per cent 
Ford Ranger 3245 up 4.0 per cent 
Mazda CX-5 3213 up 54.4 per cent 
Mitsubishi Triton 2876 up 50.7 per cent 
Toyota Prado 2566 up 88.8 per cent 
Isuzu D-Max 1895 up 4.0 per cent 
Hyundai i30 1642 down 15.9 per cent 
MG ZS 1588 up 26.7 per cent 
MG 3 1551 up 80.6 per cent 
10 Subaru Forrester 1480 up 20.2 per cent 


Top 10 CAR BRANDS in January 2022

Rank Brand Volume January 2022 Change year-on-year 
Toyota 15,333 down 8.8 per cent 
Mazda 9805 up 15.2 per cent 
Mitsubishi 6533 up 26.1 per cent 
Kia 5520 up 0.4 per cent 
Hyundai 5128 down 13.8 per cent 
Ford 4528 down 11.2 per cent 
MG 3538 up 46.3 per cent 
Subaru 2722 down 15.5 per cent 
Isuzu 2715 up 14.9 per cent 
10 Nissan 2334 down 37.9 per cent