VFACTS: February 2022

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A total of 85,340 vehicles were sold in February, representing a 1.6 per cent increase on 2021 figures, 83,977 units. Positive news for the automotive industry as supply has yet to recover from the mists of the pandemic.  

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said,  

“Global supply chains for microprocessor units are still some distance from full recovery, so we are pleased to see this small increase on 2021 figures.” 

“The consumer demand for new cars in Australia remains strong, and manufacturers are continuing to work hard to get cars into the hands of motorists,”  

Sales in the Australian Capital Territory were down 2.6 per cent compared to 2021, with 1,356 vehicles sold. New South Wales down 3.5 per cent with 26,360 sold. Northern Territory sales dropped by 5.6 per cent with 705 vehicles sold. Queensland was up by 3.8 per cent with 18,962 vehicles sold.  

South Australian sales grew by 8.9 per cent with 5,810 vehicles. Tasmania flew by 16.6 per cent with 1,561 vehicles sold. Victorian sales increased by 5.5 per cent with 22,177 vehicles sold and Sales in Western Australia were down 1.7 per cent with 8,409 sold.

No surprise, Toyota led the brands chart with 20,886 units sold including the HiLux as number one and the RAV4 second thanks to landed stock satisfying demand, and third with the Mitsubishi Triton for similar reasons. Kia outran Hyundai by just 232 units with 5881 new cars sold in February.

Honda Civic, COG Aggregation

As some brands begin to adopt ‘fixed priced’ models, sales have taken a turn for the worse. Honda is down 30.2 per cent year-on-year, a figure that has become familiar since the brand reduced its range and upped its pricing. Honda now sits at 14th position in sales, just below Mercedes, who are down 52.5 per cent on Feb 2021 with 1482 units sold with its similar fixed price model. Other brands that sold lower volumes this February include Audi, down 37.2 percent, Skoda down 49.2 per cent and Land Rover down a whopping 77.3 per cent to stock shortages. 

February was not all somber, with many smaller brands showing great figures, including: LDV up 22.1 per cent, Porsche up 46 per cent, Peugeot up 56.4 percent, Alpha Romeo 80.6 per cent, Genesis up 167.9 per cent and Renault up a colossal 248.6 percent. 

Top 10 models: February 2022 

Rank Model Sales Change on 
February 2021 
Toyota Hilux  4803 0% 
Toyota RAV4 4454 +62% 
Mitsubishi Triton 3811 +116% 
Ford Ranger 3455 +19% 
Toyota Prado 2778 +97% 
MG ZS 1953 +50% 
Isuzu D-Max 1930 +9% 
Mazda CX-30 1819 +106% 
Hyundai i30 1756 –21% 
10 Mitsubishi Outlander 1673 +42% 

Top 10 brands: February 2022 

Rank Brand Sales Change on
February 2021 
Toyota 20,886 +14% 
Mazda 8782 +6% 
Mitsubishi 7813 +26% 
Kia 5881 +0.2% 
Hyundai 5649 -10% 
Ford 4610 -2% 
MG 3767 +25% 
Subaru 3151 +19% 
Nissan 2820 -26% 
10 Isuzu 2785 +11%