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Trusted business partners in asset finance

Growth and support

NFC and UFS have over thirty years of combined experience as aggregators delivering expert ongoing support to help brokers succeed in the asset finance industry. 

They are well-established and well-respected businesses representing over 180 broker firms nationwide. 

Uniting with COG Aggregation

On 1 August 2023, COG Aggregation announced the acquisition of NFC and UFS businesses to the COG group. 

Combining the strengths and synergies of all three aggregation companies will enable the group to fast track and expand in the auto and lifestyle asset finance segment, which is a rapidly growing area for NFC and UFS.

It’s business as usual for NFC and UFS staff and brokers, now with the added value of COG’s support services and resources to take each business to the next level.

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Why partner with NFC and UFS?

With a well-established community of brokers, lenders and asset finance professionals, NFC and UFS are the asset finance experts in your corner. Here’s why more than 180 broker businesses choose to partner with NFC each year. 

Why partner with NFC and UFS, COG Aggregation

2024 Professional Development Series

NFC/UFS is thrilled to unveil their 2024 Professional Development Series, promising an enriching few days of growth and learning.

Simplify Your Business with Horizon2

Introducing Horizon2, an innovative, industry-leading Application Management System developed for you to easily manage your business the way you want to, ensuring even more focus on your clients and their experience.

Horizon2 streamlines your processes and creates efficiencies for your business. Everything is in the one spot: it can capture and track finance applications for both consumer and commercial loans. You can customise the system to meet the needs of your business and your customers with your Privacy and NCCP compliance documentation built-in, allowing you to generate and deliver your documents electronically.

You’ll have the ability to receive signed confirmations and acceptance of Privacy and NCCP documentation electronically via our ‘sign-on glass’ technology. Horizon2 is also seamlessly integrated with a number of leading lenders, for even more convenience.

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"Horizon2 has been an amazing asset to our company, especially as a growing business. It's provided us with the ability to fast track training for new staff as they have immediate access to all lender guidelines and rates and the ability to submit information direct to lenders at a click of a button. This, coupled with most lenders now through an API, also means we are no longer double handling the data which has increased volume and productivity immensely. Horizon2 is easy to use and provides a definite value add to the business."

Give your business the full service

Expand your offering and grow your business with access to a wide range of consumer and business products. Through our diverse lender panel, we offer both secured and unsecured loan products across the spectrum of credit and asset categories. Coupled with a passionate broker support team and specialised application management software, we can help set you up for success. 

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