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Welcome to the COG Aggregation Community Page, where our company’s mission goes beyond business as usual. We believe in the power of community and giving back, which is why we’ve created this platform to foster collaboration, support, and meaningful connections.

Join us as we come together to make a difference. Explore our community page to learn more about our ongoing efforts, get involved in upcoming events, and discover how you can contribute to building a brighter future with COG Aggregation. Together, we can create meaningful change and leave a lasting legacy of compassion and support.

Give Life with the COG Blood Drive

COG Aggregation is very pleased to launch its corporate partnership with Red Cross Lifeblood in 2024. We are committed to supporting Lifeblood through our extensive network of brokers, lenders and staff to help save lives across Australia. 

To celebrate this partnership, COG Aggregation has formed a Lifeblood Team. We encourage all our staff and external partners to register as donors and join a team to grow our collective donation tally.

Every drop counts! Can we count you in?

To kickstart our campaign, we are holding a COG Blood Drive between February and June 2024 to generate as many donations as possible and to help make a difference together. 

For our Blood Drive, we have a group target of 50 donations to help save 150 lives.

You Could WIN!

During the COG Blood Drive, all individuals who donate or promote on social media with #AssetFinanceBloodDrive, will go into our Monthly Prize Draws! 

Receive one entry for every blood, plasma or platelet donation, or social post.

Let’s be Top of the Drops! 

"The Asset Finance industry has a unique sense of community and we’re privileged to work with a large portion of its members. Let's leverage the power of this network and make a difference. Every drop counts. In fact, one blood donation can save up to three lives. So, let’s join forces and save lives together.”

Ryan Young, CEO

COG Broking and Aggregation

How do I join team COG?


Check blood donation eligibility by undertaking an eligibility quiz at

If you don’t already have one, register an individual account or log in at Simply click the Login/Register button on homepage. You don’t need to have donated yet to do this.


Once you’re logged in, go to the My Details menu at the top and click on Manage Preferences.

Next to the ‘Lifeblood Team’ heading, start typing COG Aggregation. When the team appears in the supplied options, click on it and press Submit.

At the bottom of the page, click Save Updates.


Make a booking at your local donor centre online

Did you know?

Did you know that in Australia, a new blood donation is needed every 18 seconds? That’s a whopping 33,000 donations every single week. So, to save lives, more Aussies need to step up, roll up their sleeves and look out for the entire team. 

Becoming a blood donor is heroic stuff – because while one in three Aussies will need blood or blood products in their lifetime, only one in 30 donates. 

And every donation makes a big difference. In fact, one blood donation can save up to three lives. 

What are the basics of blood donation?


You can donate blood every three months, and it only takes 10 minutes – though you should allow an hour for your appointment (which includes time for refuelling with a tasty treat once you’re done).


It’s not just blood donations that are needed. You can also choose to donate plasma, a powerful part of blood that can be used in 18 different life-giving ways, from protecting newborns against disease to treating complications from severe burns. 


It’s estimated that there are over 13 million Australians who may be able to donate, but don’t. 

To check your eligibility, head over to the Lifeblood website.


There are currently 78 permanent donor centres around Australia, and 35 mobile or pop-up donor centres that will visit over 400 locations this year. That means there’s probably one near you. 

To find your nearest donor centre, head to the Lifeblood website.

Donation Tally

Three months into the COG Blood Drive and we have already reached our initial goal of 150 lives saved – we are now at 213 lives saved with a new target of 250 lives saved by 30 June 2024! Thank you so much to every single person who has taken the time to join our team and donate blood or plasma.

COG Lifeblood Champions