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COG Broker Services

Comprehensive support designed to take your business to the next level

We offer the right people for your business

With over 20 years’ experience, advanced technology and a high quality lender network, COG Aggregation has all the tools you need to make your broking business a success. 

COG’s broker members get the backing and support of our internally run COG Broker Services team. With a specialist skill set in commercial and consumer asset finance behind them, they’re ready to help you get every type of transaction over the line.

Broker Loan Processing Service

COG Aggregation provides a specialised broker loan processing service delivered by over 50 staff in Mildura, Sydney and Melbourne. Thousands of our broker partners use this service for over-the-phone scenario support and to help process their deals. Brokers can choose to be hands-on with the deal or do a simple referral to our team
to take care of the entire application.

How can COG Broker Services help you?

Our Broker Assist Hub can support your workflow

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Speak to the Experts​

Need advice, mentoring or application support? Simply give the COG Broker Services Team a call, outline your scenario or question, and we’ll connect you with the team member most qualified to provide the help you need. Completely tailored to your needs, this service is exclusive to our COG partners and can help you:

  • Maintain brand consistency, stay on top of compliance and ensure awareness of current industry issues
  • Maximise your income and earning potential

Loan Processing & Broker Support

Supporting you from submission right through to approval, our highly trained and experienced specialists are ready to help process your loans through various financiers and systems. With fast tracking available, they’re the team you can rely on when time is truly of the essence.

  • Create a streamlined and consistent workflow from relationship, submission, and assessment, through to funding and verification
  • Connect with one team dedicated to helping you manage every type of transaction
COG broker services

Two processing options available, to suit you

Consumer Referral

  • Refer the customer’s name and number and we’ll find the financier with the right fit
  • All compliance done in-house

Broker Assist

  • Broker handles all client interactions
  • Our team drives the back-end process with funders
  • More Commercial asset finance options

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