VFACTS: March 2022

Blue Tesla, COG Aggregation

A total of 101,233 new vehicles were sold in March 2022 taking the year-to-date total to 262,436 – down 0.5 per cent on the 2021 sum over the same period. Although the March figures show a moderate sales increase of 1.2 per cent when compared to the same month in 2021, this month was driven by dealers filling orders for new vehicles placed over the past year. 
Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries Chief Executive, Tony Weber said,  

“This is historically a unique time in which supply rather than demand is determining the size of the market. This is due to manufacturers recovering from the pandemic-related shutdowns and the ongoing global shortage of micro processing units.”

Wait times for most new cars still range anywhere from three to 12 months, and dealers are now providing broader ETAs to avoid customer disappointment. 

“Consumer inquiries and demand for new cars remains strong. Manufacturers are working hard to match this demand with supply,”  Mr Weber added. 

EV Sales Results 

Australians have been purchasing zero and low emission vehicles in greater numbers, with Tesla and Polestar sales figures being reported for the first time.  

After years of keeping its sales figures a secret, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla, will from 5 April 2022 publish up-to-date information in the official new-car sales data compiled by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries. 

“The addition of Polestar and Tesla further cements VFACTS as the premier source of new motor vehicle sales data in Australia,”

said Mr Weber. He also noted that in interpreting the data for March 2022, care should be taken as the Tesla data represents the company sales for the first three months of 2022. 

Tesla officially recorded 4417 sales, with the Model 3 monthly sales figure taking fifth place for Australia’s top selling vehicle in March, an all-time high for electric vehicles. The Polestar reported 115 new vehicles sold for the month of March, thus totalling the sales to 6752 electric vehicles for this year so far, or 2.6 per cent of the 262,436 new vehicles that have been delivered in the first three months of 2022. 

Sales of petrol-electric hybrid cars – driven by the market leader Toyota, increased by 27.6 per cent with 20,585 vehicles reported as sold in the first three months of 2022. Hybrid cars now comprise of one third of new Toyotas sold in Australia. Petrol car sales have declined by 11.8 per cent with 135,504 vehicles sold in the first three months of this year. 

State Sales Statistics 

· Tasmanian sales increased by 8.2 per cent with 1,768 vehicles sold on 2021 figures.  

· Victorian sales increased by 5.3 per cent with 27,155 vehicles sold.  

· Western Australia sales increased by 5.3 per cent with 10,016 vehicles sold.  

· Australian Capital Territory sales decreased by 6.2 per cent with 1,560 vehicles sold.  

· New South Wales sales decreased by 0.8 per cent with 32,224 sold.  

· Northern Territory sales decreased by 0.2 per cent with 916 vehicles sold.  

· Queensland sales decreased by 1.7 per cent with 21,214 vehicles sold  

· South Australian sales decreased by 0.1 per cent with 6,380 vehicles sold. 

TOP 10 Cars in March 2022 

Rank ModelVolume March 2022Change
Toyota HiLux 6324 up 18.9 per cent 
Toyota RAV4 4610 up 30.9 per cent 
Mitsubishi Triton 3808 up 52.8 per cent 
Mazda CX-5 3772 up 24.8 per cent 
Ford Ranger 2960 down 25.7 per cent 
Hyundai i30 2455 down 2.3 per cent 
Isuzu D-Max 2447 up 22.7 per cent 
Toyota Prado 2230 up 84.1 per cent 
Toyota Corolla 1924 down 33.5 per cent 
10 Mazda CX-30 1829 up 49.3 per cent 

TOP 10 Brands in March 2022 

Rank Brand Volume March 2022 Change
Toyota 21,828 up 2.4 per cent 
Mazda 11,248 up 4.3 per cent 
Mitsubishi 9007 up 40.1 per cent 
Hyundai 6516 down 4.9 per cent 
Kia 6051 up 4.3 per cent 
Ford 4245 down 29.0 per cent 
MG 3962 up 20.0 per cent 
Isuzu 3306 up 4.2 per cent 
Nissan 3168 down 30.5 per cent 
10 Volkswagen 2832 down 15.7 per cent