VFACTS: April 2022

Vfacts April 2022 Cars, COG Aggregation

A total of 81,065 vehicles were sold in April 2022, bringing the year-to-date total to 343,501. This result represents a decrease of 12.2 per cent on the same month in 2021, when 92,347 vehicles were sold. It is also the worst result since the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, when just 38,322 cars were reported sold in April that year – fewer than any other April since World War II. 

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber said,  

“We know this is not a reflection on the demand for new vehicles in the marketplace. This is a reflection on the global automotive industry’s ability to supply vehicles to not only the Australian market, but all markets throughout the world.” 

According to industry experts, the slump has been driven by severe microprocessor scarcity causing stock shortages that continue to cripple the automotive industry. 

“Automotive manufacturers continue to suffer from a shortage of microprocessor units which is impacting their ability to ramp up production to pre-pandemic levels. Covid-19 continues to impact manufacturing and supply, particularly where factories have been forced to close and shipping operations are yet to fully recover. This is being reflected in the extended delivery times for new vehicles,” Mr Weber added. 

Demand continues to significantly outweigh the supply, with wait times for most manufacturers between three and 14 months. The latest estimates show that the shortages of new cars could extend for the next 12 to 18 months. 

Vfacts April 2022 Rav4, COG Aggregation

Sales Results 

Toyota maintained pole position in April, with 17,956 sales taking 22 per cent of the total market. Mazda placed second with 7378 sales, Mitsubishi third with 6463, followed by Kia with 6180, and Hyundai with 5552.

Brands that showed growth include Citroen up 666.7 per cent, Renault up 103 per cent, Ram Trucks (right hand drive converted) up 86.4 percent and Chevrolet (also RHD converted) was up 62.2 percent in April sales.  

Brands that had suffered in April include, Subaru down 52.3 per cent, Volkswagen down 44.9 per cent, Peugeot down 44.4 per cent, Jeep was down 42.4 per cent and Nissan down 41.4 per cent.  
Utes were the country’s favourite vehicle type purchased in April with the Top 10 selling vehicles both 4×4 and 4×2 variants comprising of the Toyota HiLux, Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max, and Mitsubishi Triton.  

Vfacts April 2022 Triton, COG Aggregation

State Sales Statistics – compared to April 2021 figures 

  • Australian Capital Territory was down 14.9 per cent (1,201 vehicles)  
  • New South Wales was down 12.7 per cent (25,432 vehicles) 
  • Northern Territory was down 4.8 per cent (848 vehicles) 
  • Queensland was down 11.2 per cent (17,424 vehicles) 
  • South Australia was down by 6.2 per (5,459 vehicles) 
  • Tasmania was down 7.9 per cent (1,466 vehicles) 
  • Victoria was down 11 per cent (21,339 vehicles) 
  • Western Australia was down 20.4 per cent (7,896 vehicles) 
Rank Model Volume April 2022  Change year-on-year 
Toyota HiLux  4493  up 6.4 per cent 
Ford Ranger  3581  down 28.7 per cent 
Toyota RAV4  3373  down 25.2 per cent 
Mazda CX-5  2701  up 14.8 per cent 
Isuzu D-Max  2374  up 18.8 per cent 
Mitsubishi Triton  2357  down 4.2 per cent 
Toyota Corolla  2202  up 6.2 per cent 
Hyundai i30  2071  up 3.3 per cent 
MG ZS  1923  up 42.4 per cent 
10  Toyota Prado  1631  up 19.1 per cent 
Rank Brand Volume April 2022  Change year-on-year 
Toyota  17,956  down 11.1 per cent 
Mazda  7378  down 26.6 per cent 
Mitsubishi  6463  down 14 per cent 
Kia  6180  up 8.3 per cent 
Hyundai  5552  down 3.8 per cent 
Ford  4974  down 30.4 per cent 
MG  4773  up 58.7 per cent 
Isuzu  3032  up 6.4 per cent 
Mercedes-Benz Cars  2307  up 7.3 per cent 
10  Nissan  2050  down 41.4 per cent