VFACTS: August 2022

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New-car sales bounced back last month, even with stock shortages and increased interest rates – with sales results boosted by Tesla and Ford Ranger deliveries. A total of 95,256 vehicles were sold last month, bringing the year-to-date total to 717,575. This figure represents an increase by 17.3 per cent compared to August 2021.  

Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, Chief Executive Tony Weber said, 

“The August VFACTS sales are the best August result since 2017. This gives hope that the supply of vehicles to the Australian market is beginning to show signs of improvement.” 

Sales by Brand

Toyota remained Australia’s favourite new-car brand, reporting 20,616 vehicles as sold in August, Mazda followed with 8824 new vehicles sold, Kia 6780, Hyundai 6643 and Mitsubishi sold 6380 new cars last month. Tesla managed to climb the ranks to seventh, reporting 3397 cars delivered; outselling Subaru, MG, and Volkswagen; attributed by multiple shipments hitting the shores in the space of a month.  

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The Toyota HiLux continued to lead sales charts, on track to become Australia’s best-selling new vehicle by year’s end, the longest win streak since the 15-year reign of the Holden Commodore that ended in 2012 – a new record for the Ute. The Ford Ranger placed second, after a ramp up of deliveries for the new model. The Toyota RAV4 came after in third, Tesla Model 3 in fourth and Mazda CX-5 in fifth.  

Sales by Models

The Passenger Vehicle Market is up by 15.3 per cent with 2,658 vehicle sales, over the same month last year; the Sports Utility Market is up by 18.5 per cent with 7,590 vehicles sold. The Light Commercial Market is up by 16.8 per cent with 3,236 new vehicle sales and the Heavy Commercial Vehicle Market is up by 15.7 per cent with 573 vehicle sales, versus August 2021. 

Image source: Tesla Fans Schweiz on Unsplash


In the spark of electric cars, 4.4 per cent of all new vehicles sold in August were EVs, thanks to increased Tesla deliveries – the highest ever recorded in a single month in Australia. In August, there were 4235 electric vehicles sold versus 370 in August 2021.  

“We have seen strong sales of battery electric vehicles in August, with Tesla alone selling 3397 vehicles. In the month, EV sales were 4.4 per cent of the total market. This is the highest market share for pure battery electric vehicles ever recorded in a single month in Australia.” 
“Year-to-date EV sales are 2 per cent of the total market, hybrids are 7.6 per cent and plug in hybrid vehicles are 0.6 per cent. Combined electrified vehicles are now just over 10 per cent of total sales in 2022”.

Weber said.

Rising petrol prices are partly responsible for the electric boom, though state-based incentives, such as those in NSW, VIC and QLD, have also played a part. 

Image source: Krzysztof Hepner on Unsplash

Sales by State

  • ACT increased 49.8 per cent with 1,410 vehicles sold 
  • New South Wales increased 40 per cent with 30,501 vehicles sold 
  • Northern Territory gained 4.2 per cent, 816 vehicles sold 
  • Queensland up 11.7 per cent, 21,379 vehicles sold 
  • Victoria was up 18.4 per cent, 25,053 vehicles sold 
  • South Australia fell 9.7 per cent with 5,702 vehicles sold 
  • Tasmania decreased 3 per cent with 1,611 vehicles sold 
  • Western Australia fell 6.5 per cent with 8,784 vehicles sold  

Top 10 Cars in August 2022 

Top 10 Cars 

Rank Model Volume August 2022 Change year-on-year 
Toyota HiLux 6214 up 39 per cent 
Ford Ranger 4497 up 13.6 per cent 
Toyota RAV4 2482 down 21.7 per cent 
Tesla Model 3 2380 N/A 
Mazda CX-5 2325 up 3.8 per cent 
Toyota Corolla 2115 down 40.6per cent 
Mitsubishi Triton 2087 up 152.4 per cent 
Hyundai i30 1975 down 3.5 per cent 
Isuzu D-Max 1928 up 0.7 per cent 
10 Toyota Prado 1903 down 30.3 per cent 

Top 10 Brands in August 2022 

Rank Brand Volume August 2022 Change year-on-year 
Toyota 20,616 up 3.3 per cent 
Mazda 8824 up 15.4 per cent 
Kia 6780 up 33.9 per cent 
Hyundai 6643 up 32.4 per cent 
Mitsubishi 6380 up 32.9 per cent 
Ford 5839 up 15.4 per cent 
Tesla 3397 N/A 
MG 3074 up 2.1 per cent 
Subaru 2960 down 8.4 per cent 
10 Volkswagen 2868 down 24.4 per cent