COG & CAFBA, working together to empower women in asset finance 

Women of CAFBA, COG Aggregation

COG Aggregation is pleased to announce its sponsorship of the CAFBA Women & Leadership Australia’s (WLA’s) leadership development program for women working in the equipment finance sector. 

CAFBA launched this initiative in 2016 to help rectify the gender imbalance in the commercial and asset finance industry, which has historically been heavily weighted towards males. COG is partnering with CAFBA to help provide scholarships to women interested in the programs. 

The aim of these courses is to unlock leadership potential, build confidence and open up networking opportunities to learn from women across finance and other industries. 

Mark Rayson, Head of COG Aggregation, encourages our current female brokers to nominate themselves or their staff.

Women of CAFBA, COG Aggregation

“We have had a number of COG members participate in the WLA programs and they have found the experience to be extremely rewarding and enriching, both personally and professionally.

We see this sponsorship as an investment in the future of our industry. We want to empower women to drive their success in the world of car and equipment finance, and these scholarships are a great building block.

Our company is committed to fostering a more diverse and gender equitable finance industry,” said Mark Rayson.

Testimonial from a COG Broker

My best business decision! 

I was sent an email in early 2016 that simply said, “You should look at this”. It was CAFBA’s inaugural Scholarship Program for Women in Equipment Finance for the Accelerated Leadership Performance Program. I thought “Yes – I want that for me” and submitted my application, and one month later I was announced as a successful applicant.  

The course was well delivered and completely changed my thought process and perspective. It really infused that leadership aspiration and a confidence that flourished. Not long after that, the opportunity to become a partner in RLA Finance was presented, and I took that giant step. I learnt to put myself outside of my comfort zone and move forward in leaps and bounds thanks to the CAFBA Scholarship Program. It’s not all smooth sailing, it’s hard work but very rewarding and a life changing decision that I can firmly attribute to Women & Leadership Australia. 

Kellie Crocker, Partner RLA Finance 

WLA Scholarships

The programs are arranged through WLA and are conducted in conjunction with the Australian School of Applied Management. 

There are a number of scholarships available to women in the three leadership development programs each year. 

The scholarships will cover part of the cost of the course, however as in the past CAFBA will endeavour to find sponsors, such as COG Aggregation, to assist with the balance of the program fee. 

WLA Courses that are available include:

Delivered part-time over four months, Leading Edge is designed to enable the transition of aspiring and early career female managers into confident, capable and motivated leaders. 

Duration            4 Months 

Commitment     2 hours per week (average) 

Format              Online 

Delivered part-time over seven months, Executive Ready is designed to stretch mid-level leaders and propel them towards executive level performance, behaviours and mindsets. 

Duration            7 Months 

Commitment     2 hours per week (average) 

Format              Online 

Delivered part-time over twelve months, the Advanced Leadership Program is a high-impact and challenging developmental course for senior and executive leaders. 

Duration            12 Months 

Commitment     2 hours per week (average) 

Format              Online 

For course outlines and brochures, please visit the WLA website. 


Applications for the 2024 scholarships open on 1 November and close on Friday 8 December 2023. If you are interested in registering for the the program, please visit the CAFBA website.