New Lender to Panel: Autopay

Autopay car finance solution, COG Aggregation
Platform Finance has launched an exclusive partnership with MoneyMe (ASX: MME) and their Autopay car finance solution to offer another quality lender to our large asset finance Broker network.

Hundreds of brokers who use Platform Finance will now be able to take advantage of MoneyMe’s proprietary Horizon technology, the ‘engine’ that enables Autopay to provide a real-time automated experience to approve and settle auto finance within 60 minutes, 7 days a week.

CEO of MoneyMe Clayton Howes commented;

“The industry is undergoing structural changes that have not been seen in the last two decades and now brokers are positioned to capitalise on the shockwaves of Autopay. It uses market-leading speed and capability to disrupt current vehicle finance processes, fixing everything that was broken about auto finance and allowing brokers to bring the  immediate finance benefits of Autopay to their clients.

“This latest innovation leverages our Horizon technology platform, with high automation, dynamic pricing and best-in-class speed to give brokers and their clients an unparalleled experience.

“As a market leader in asset finance, Platform Finance is a great partner for us. They have a very good reputation and strong relationships with brokers as well as a track record of billions in loan originations. We know brokers will love the Autopay product and the benefits it brings their clients.”

MoneyMe Autopay logo

The launch of the broker portal follows a successful pilot with dealers which found the average time taken for an application to be submitted to approval and settlement was under one hour in most cases.  

Damian Mantini, Director of Aggregation and Strategic Partnerships, Platform Finance commented;

This partnership with MoneyMe allows us to pass on the advantages of Autopay to brokers so their clients can benefit from fast, efficient and competitive finance on asset purchases.  Autopay unlocks a new opportunity for brokers to get finance approved and settled on the weekend which will add another level of service when assisting clients.”

The Autopay partnership with Platform Finance launches in mid-August. Please contact our team about accreditation options and product information.