Why make the switch to Platform

Why make the switch to Platform, COG Aggregation

Finding the right aggregator to partner you in the day-to-day running of your finance business is essential. You require comfort that you are working with someone you can trust and rely on, someone that provides support and systems that will help to improve your productivity and profitability, you need an aggregator with the expertise to help you through busy or challenging times.

At Platform Finance we know what we are good at, and we don’t try and be “all finance for all brokers”. We have been aggregating in the asset finance space for over 20 years and we specialise in supporting brokers who live and breathe asset finance, like we do.

Caroline Grima, Platform’s Group General Manager works closely with brokers who are established in AF and those who are new and seeking accreditation.

“We always get asked what we can offer our brokers that others don’t. My answer is that we are specialists. We offer support and technology that is designed specifically for asset finance brokers,” said Caroline.

“Our CRM is not built for mortgage deals; it’s built for asset finance deals – consumer and commercial. Other aggregators expect AF brokers to use a generic, off-the-shelf CRM for processing and we know that is not productive or efficient. All of our processing support and tech is customised with the AF broker in mind.”

Why Switch to Platform?

Switching to Platform for your asset finance aggregation could be the smartest business decision you make. Here’s how Platform can help to improve efficiencies:

  1. Platform Connect CRM built specifically for asset finance
  2. BDM advice and support is only a phone call away
  3. We have Australia’s largest and most experienced AF processing centre
  4. You can choose from a spectrum of service levels
    • a. Direct lender accreditation
    • b. Processing or support option
    • c. Referral-only for consumer or commercial
  5. Our customers voted us as the CAFBA Aggregator of the Year in 2020
  6. You can rest easy knowing you are working with AF specialists
  7. We offer the full package – 40+ lender panel, compliance support, broker training and PDs, webinars, Broker Central information portal and more
Would you like to make the switch?

We have asset finance experts ready to help you grow your business and getting started is easy and uncomplicated.

We’ll help you transfer your existing accreditations and set up new ones that’ll help you diversify your offering and settle more business. Get in touch today and learn how switching to Platform will help your business to thrive. Or book a free Connect CRM demo here.