VFACTS: September 2023

Ford Ranger, COG Aggregation

The delivery of new cars has experienced a significant surge, with a new all-time September record of 110,702 new cars sold, up 18.3 per cent on the same month last year.  

This impressive growth can be credited to improved supply and the clearing of backorders, as indicated by the latest statistics. Most of the vehicles reported as sold last month, and throughout this year, were ordered several months, and in some instances, years ago. Dealerships have reported ongoing high demand, with lengthy waiting lists for certain models. As of now, the year-to-date tally stands at 899,286 cars sold. 

FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber commented on this achievement, stating,

“The record result shows that Australian car buyers value a broad choice of vehicles in a range of price brackets that suit the family or business budget.”   

He went on to say,

“Our advice is that the supply of vehicles into Australia, including electric vehicles, continues to improve. Therefore, consumers who are considering purchasing a new vehicle should visit a dealer or manufacturer to explore their options.” 

Image Source: Car Expert

Sales by brands 

Toyota, the market leader, continued to reduce its substantial backlog by fulfilling 20,912 sales in September. This is a remarkable 40.8 per cent increase compared to August 2023, allowing Toyota to secure 18.9 per cent of the market share. 

Mazda saw 8,031 sales and a growth of 10.6 per cent, and Ford, with 8,015 sales and a 20.8 per cent increase, were closely matched for the second and third positions. Following them was Kia, with 7,303 sales, up 0.2 per cent, and Hyundai, with 6,217 sales, down 4.4 per cent. 

“Consumers have a choice of vehicles across 20 light vehicle segments – from small passenger cars through to larger utes – confirming Australia’s position as one of the most open and competitive new vehicle markets in the world,”

added Mr Weber. 

Sales by models 

Leading the charts with 5,776 sales was the Toyota Hi-Lux, close behind, the Ford Ranger had 5,429 sales. Third was the Tesla Model Y with 3,811 sales and the Isuzu Ute D-Max came in fourth with 2,885 sales. Rounding out the top five, the Toyota RAV4 had 2,798 sales, beating its rival the Mitsubishi Outlander (2,612 sales) in September.  

Image Source: Drive

Fuel Types 

The Tesla Model Y not only claimed third best-selling vehicle overall but also secured its position as the top-selling SUV. This underscores the persistent and robust demand for electric vehicles (EVs). Notably, the overall EV market saw a significant increase of 21.7 percent in market share as a fuel type. 

Electric vehicles captured approximately 10.6 per cent of the passenger and SUV market share and accounted for around 8 per cent of the total market when including commercial vehicles. The combined market share of electric passenger cars and SUVs, which includes hybrids, plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), and pure electric vehicles (EVs), just fell short of 25 per cent, marking a substantial presence in the automotive market. 

Image Source: Zecar

Sales by State 

Sales across all States and Territories increased compared with September 2022. 

  • Australian Capital Territory was 20.6 per cent with 1,806 new cars sold 
  • New South Wales 24.3 per cent, 35,968 sold 
  • Queensland 13.5 per cent, 23,415 sold 
  • South Australia 11.2 per cent, 6,676 sold 
  • Tasmania 21.0 per cent, 1,972 sold 
  • Victoria 16.0 per cent, 29,426 sold 
  • Western Australia 22.4 per cent, 10,577 sold 
  • Northern Territory 3.6 per cent, 862 sold 

Top 10 Cars in September 2023 

Ranking Model Sales Change year-on-year  
Toyota HiLux 5776 up 11.7 per cent 
Ford Ranger 5429 up 11.0 per cent 
Tesla Model Y 3811 down 12.6 per cent 
Isuzu D-Max 2885 up 48.4 per cent 
Toyota RAV4 2798 up 50.8 per cent 
Mitsubishi Outlander 2612 up 39.0 per cent 
MG ZS 2528 up 154.3 per cent 
Toyota Corolla 2217 up 42.7 per cent 
Kia Sportage 2031 up 14.4 per cent 
10 Ford Everest 1984 up 147.4 per cent 

Top 10 brands in September 2023 

Ranking Model Sales Change year-on-year 
Toyota  20,912 up 40.8 per cent 
Mazda 8031 up 10.6 per cent 
Ford 8015 up 20.8 per cent 
Kia 7303 up 0.2 per cent 
Hyundai 6217 down 4.4 per cent 
Mitsubishi  5761 down 15.1 per cent 
MG  5400 up 65.6 per cent 
Tesla 5177 down 13.3 per cent 
Nissan 4784 up 153.8 per cent 
10 Subaru 4302 up 35.8 per cent 

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