Alana Giggins

Business Development Manager – COG Retail

Alana Giggins joined the team in June 2023. Known for her vibrant and engaging approach, Alana brings a wealth of experience and a personal touch to her role, making her a valued asset to our company.

Before stepping into her current position, Alana made her mark at McMillan Shakespeare Group (MMSG), where she skilfully navigated the challenges of business development from February to June 2023. Her tenure there, though brief, was impactful and highlighted her innate ability to connect and build lasting relationships. Prior, Alana was a Broker Support Officer, a role she embraced for over two years. In this capacity, she was not just an officer handling tasks; she was the friendly voice on the phone, the problem solver, and the go-to person for brokers in need of support. Her time in this role was a period of significant growth and learning, laying the groundwork for her future successes.

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